Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Sometimes filing for bankruptcy is a family’s best – if not only – option for dealing with unsustainable insolvency. If you’re considering filing for debt relief, you’re in good company: millions of Americans file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy Attorneys every year and get a fresh lease on their financial lives, including relief from unsecured debt like credit card bills, medical expenses, and past-due utility payments. Filing for bankruptcy will put a temporary halt to any foreclosure or repossession proceedings that may be underway and also prevent creditors or collections agencies from contacting you except through the bankruptcy court. 

Which Bankruptcy Chapter 7 should I Choose?

Traditionally, Chapter 7 bankruptcy is known as liquidation. Liquidation involves selling an individual’s assets and then using the proceeds from this sale to pay creditors; however, in practice, most individuals filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorneys in Pomona aren’t required to sell any property at all. We can advise you about what’s involved in filing for bankruptcy and what you can do to protect your home, vehicle, and other assets from liquidation or repossession. In any case, you and your family mustn’t make your decision on the advice of friends or relatives alone. Only a knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney can tell you if you are eligible for Chapter 7 and what assets you may be expected to sell while filing.

If you are overwhelmed with debt and may be wondering about filing for bankruptcy then taking a step to hire Attorneys for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy could give you a fresh start. It is helpful to look at the benefits and costs. Not all bankruptcy works the same. Your next step will be determining whether a liquidation or recognized bankruptcy will be the best for you. 

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: The Liquidation Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorneys in Victorville is the filers’ first choice. It wipes out debts without creditor repayment. The entire process took about four months to complete. As an individual, you don’t lose everything as you keep the property to work and live. It is quick and doesn’t involve creditor repayment. It is also called Liquidation Bankruptcy. 

At Hernandez and Schapiro, Inc. – Attorneys At Law, we help clients file for debt relief under the terms of the federal Bankruptcy Code. No matter how dire your financial circumstances may be, don’t assume that your situation is hopeless until you talk with us first. Our professionals will protect your rights and represent you fairly. We proudly served your vicinity for more than 3 decades with an outstanding reputation. We offer one of the best Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorneys in the Pomona and Victorville areas.  

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